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Helping Hands Personal Assistants provides a discreet and effective alternative form of bed bug treatment. Bed bugs are prevalent throughout Canada, in particular Edmonton, which currently ranks sixth on Orkin’s pest control treatment list. Helping Hands Entry into the bed bug treatment industry was created initially in response to bed bug infestations found in homes of seniors which required services related to downsizing and assisted living. Helping Hands brings over ten years of experience to the bed bug preparation and treatment industry as well as maintaining a working relationship with other treatment companies. Along with the unique treatment options we offer preparation services, educational information on bed bug treatment and preparation, and preventative products to aid in a proactive resistance against future infestations.

The Overview

Helping Hands is committed to offering a unique treatment option that is not only effective but also much more discreet than fumigation. Our treatment options are much less invasive than traditional treatment methods. Helping Hands maintains excellent working relationships with fumigation companies in and around the Edmonton area and deploy a knowledgeable staff.

The Objective

Edmonton currently occupies the sixth position of cities most afflicted by bed bugs. Traditional treatment option are invasive and not discreet. The negative stigma associated with bed bugs can affect the perception of your company during these overt treatments.


  • Provide an effective treatment option for bed bugs and other pests

  • Maintain a high level of discretion and education during treatment

  • Offer items to ensure future infestation

The Opportunity

To achieve a bed bug free work environment without jeopardizing the perception of the company by avoiding the potentially negative optics associated with treatment.


  • Retain our services with minimal interruption to revenue generating services.

  • Achieve a bed bug free work place.

  • Receive services at a discounted rate if our services are fully retained.

The Solution 

Traditional treatments for bed bugs include a chemical spray throughout the affected area or a heat treatment which involves large heaters that will raise the overall temperature of the area to a level which will kill the bugs.


  • Remove baseboards within the entire room and move furniture a minimum of one foot away from all walls in preparation for chemical treatment.

  • Move all furniture a minimum of one foot from walls and allow large heaters to be placed throughout area to raise temperature to necessary level to kill bugs.

  • Insert furniture and linens into the Zappbug rooms provided by Helping Hands then insert mattress and box spring into discreet cover to help prevent future infestation.

thumbnail_ZappBug Room Bed Bug Heater3
thumbnail_ZappBug Room Bed Bug Heater
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